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Captivate your audience

We take pride in breathing new life into every project. With Light Up The Night Production, elevating your event’s appeal and outdoing past successes becomes an exciting opportunity, not a daunting task.

Our services will help you:

  • 1

    Keep Your Guests Engaged

  • 2

    Increase Attendance

  • 3

    Grow Your Event

  • 4

    Increase Revenue

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    Leverage New Technology

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    Outshine the Competition

Ready to make your next event unforgettable? Contact us now to begin crafting an experience that shines brighter each year.


We deliver more than just a flashy light show. We create memorable moments that become annual traditions.


Meticulous planning and innovative design ensure your attraction captures the spotlight and boosts visibility

From concept and design, to installation and programming, we’ll make sure your next event is the talk of the town—every year. LUTNP will:

Christmas decorations in an immersive Light Up The Night Production experience

Keep Your Guests Engaged

Using dynamic technology and creative displays, captivate your guests and spark their curiosity from start to finish

A child in the crowd at a Light Up The Night Production holiday event

Encourage Guests to Stay Longer

Enhancing the entire guest experience encourages them to stay longer and explore

A festival walkway for a municipality Christmas event

Provide a Festive Atmosphere

A welcoming, festive atmosphere increases attendance and creates unforgettable moments

Largest pixel grid ever made installed by Light Up the Night Production

Make Creativity a Priority

We take pride in creating attractions that no one has ever seen before

Spectacular branded event display with led pixel tree

Provide Turnkey or White Label Services

Turn your location-based venue into a marquee attraction

Light Up The Night Production Logo - White

Our creativity and dedication turn your vision into reality

By blending innovative lighting, custom attractions, and immersive themed environments, Light Up The Night Production ensures each event captivates audiences and becomes a highly anticipated occasion, driving attendance and revenue growth.

who we serve

We cater to a diverse range of events and clientele

Whether you need a tree for your town square want to convert your amusement park to a winter wonderland, we invest the same level of passion and precision in every project.

Christmas & Winter Holidays

The festive season is our bread and butter. We merge technology with tradition to light up your celebrations.


We craft spine-chilling haunts and family-friendly events, focusing on unique creations that set a perfectly spooky atmosphere.


Our events transform public spaces into vibrant hubs of celebration, uniting people and enhancing local economies.

Ferris wheel icon

Theme Parks

We convert theme and amusement parks into dynamic landscapes, where every ride and walkway is part of a thematic journey.

Branded Experiences

White labeled events that focus on creating immersive experiences that align with your brand’s identity.


Every moment is an invitation to explore, enjoy, and connect, making your festival the must-attend event of the season.


Transform your commercial space into a holiday attraction with customized lighting, pixel trees, and seasonal decorations that bring the holiday spirit to life.

Drive Through Experiences

Enjoy holiday magic from your car with vibrant light tunnels, displays and thematic decorations, all from the comfort of your vehicle.

Share your vision with us and discover how we can elevate your space into an extraordinary experience.



It’s not about just lighting up a venue; it’s about igniting excitement and connection

Opt for an experience where your event is not just another date on the calendar but a standout spectacle. Our commitment to originality and creativity ensures each event is not only memorable, but also uniquely yours.


Shop our catalog: Direct-to-door decor from The Christmas Company

Perfect for theme parks, municipalities, or shopping centers looking to add a special touch to their space.

The Christmas Company Logo

Looking for exceptional decor without full service?

Our product catalog at The Christmas Company offers everything from 3D illuminated displays to cutting-edge technology.

Explore our selection for high-quality, unique finds that promise to bring your festive visions to life, with the convenience of shopping from home.


Trusted by these leading brands:

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Client success stories

McAllen Convention Center | McAllen Performing Arts Center

Our experience with Light Up The Night Productions, particularly Josh’s efforts, has been exceptional. His expertise shines through in every captivating light show, making our Christmas event a highlight annually. Josh’s creativity, quick problem-solving, and dedication to innovation have not only made our light show a focal point but also ensured its uniqueness and success. We highly recommend their professional, reliable services for anyone looking to elevate their events with breathtaking light displays.

Joe E. Garcia

Marketing and Special Events Supervisor


Three steps to event success

Kickstart your event’s transformation with our straightforward three-step approach. We focus on turning your ideas into engaging realities, ensuring a smooth path from concept to celebration with attention to detail and innovative execution.


Discover Your Vision

Share your event ideas with us. Let’s explore your goals and what you envision for your event, ensuring every aspect reflects your desired outcome.


Craft Your Experience

Our team will then use their creativity and technical expertise to design an innovative, immersive experience. We’ll develop a plan that aligns with your vision, leveraging the latest technology to enhance your event.


Celebrate Success

Experience your transformative event come to life, engage your audience, and exceed expectations. Enjoy the smooth execution of your event and witness the impact it has on your attendees and goals.

Take the first step towards an exceptional event – contact us today.

Our mission

Turn your venue into a marquee experience

At LUTNP we know that you want to create an event that is exciting and drives revenue. In order to do that you need to work with a company that leverages their creativity and expertise to craft fresh, immersive experiences using the latest technology.

We believe the guest experience is paramount. And we understand that creating events on a large scale can be stressful which is why we provide creative leadership and innovative ideas to make your event stand out.


Award winning designs

With all of the incredible products and vendors at the annual TransWorld Christmas Show, it’s truly an honor to be awarded with the product of the year (multiple times!)


Tiki Bar Christmas Tree

Themed serving stations help to further engage your clientele, generating higher revenues and a more exciting atmosphere

2022 TransWorld Product of the year Christmas tree bar


Animated Pixel Tree

Blow your guests away with the best-looking animated Christmas tree on the market


Meet the team powering your events

The Light Up The Night Production team combines creativity with technical expertise, logistical planning, product knowledge, and rigging skills to ensure your next event is flawlessly executed.

RONAL CROWLEYVP of Productions


Ready to illuminate your next event? Get in touch with us today and let’s start crafting an unforgettable experience together.


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